Monday, 23 September 2013

Pick up and first trip - Day 5

Monty the motorhome is sitting proudly on our drive, thinking 'this isn't bad at all, I can be quite comfortable here'.

Yes we're back home and have safely got him on the drive. It is surprising just how big he looks. The next challenge will be a safe and damage free reversal out and back onto the road. That will be the next time we go off - not sure when that will be, but Ruth is already consulting the sites directories.

Today we went back to Slimbridge. It must be almost 20 years ago. In essence it has not changed much, with ponds and scrapes, flamingoes everywhere, and hungry ducks chasing everyone for food. However it has much more for children - adventure playgrounds, mystery trails, canoe safaris, etc. It has also developed to be more zoo like with aquatic animals as well as birds. In fairness the place is the flagship of The Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, so they are keeping to the theme.

We were fascinated by Otters. Three North American River Otters who did not seem to mind being out during the day, or people passing by. There were also displays of Water Vole and Water Shrew, but they were tucked up somewhere asleep.

Can you see Monty?
We should really have taken the binoculars, as without them there was little point going in any of the numerous hides. Next time.

Had some lunch in a huge new restaurant - pricey for what can only be described as reasonable. Then chugged up the M5 and back home.

Monty is now sitting fully alarmed (set for the first time today - so fingers crossed that there is no malfunction), and in the next few days I shall get the cleaning gear out and restore some of that showroom gleam.

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