Thursday, 6 August 2015

August 6th 2015: Norway: Rørvik and beyond

Monty the Motorhome is parked overlooking a sea fjord, on a stretch of coast to the north of the town of Rørvik.

Last night it pelted down with rain and this morning there was standing water all around Monty. However yesterday’s lessons were heeded and we pulled away this morning without incident.
The journey northwards continued through the town of Namsos and on to the coastal settlement of Rørvik. The scenery is just breathtaking with a bright blue sea, verdant greens from the forests and odd field of grass or corn, painted houses in all shades dotting the landscape and the ever present mountains with plunging cliffs and soaring peaks. 

There is also plenty of wildlife to see. A small deer crossed the road in front of us this morning and there are road signs all over the place warning of Elk. Swallows are everywhere - fascinating how far north they venture. Terns are around the ferry terminals, though I’m not sure which species - should have brought the bird book.

Rørvik was on our itinerary due to Norveg - a cultural centre where a variety of media is used to recount 10,000 years of coastal history. An audio guide helps tremendously as you wend your way round the exhibition. The place is also renowned for two other features - firstly it’s architecture, as it resembles a ship in full sail, and secondly it’s restaurant. We took pictures of the first feature and greedily sat down to experience the second one. Ruth had a chicken salad, while I went for the creamy fish soup. Pudding was crème brûlée for both of us. Yum.

Gulls nesting on the roof of an old building just adjacent from our parking spot in Rørvik. They were so noisy even from a distance away

The sun is shining today so we decided to move on and find an overnight spot close to the sea. So now we’re parked for the night in the middle of nowhere and wondering where to head to tomorrow.

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