Wednesday, 5 October 2016

October 5th 2016: Suffolk: Dunwich Heath

Monty the Motorhome is settling down at a new campsite just to the east of Ipswich, in the small village of Hollesley.

Today we visited Dunwich, or more accurately Dunwich Heath. This is a large area of heathland just to the north of Minsmere, where we were yesterday. The area is owned by the National Trust, so for us as members the parking was free. However non-members with motorhomes have to stump up a hefty £12.50 to park, and no overnighting either!
It was a windy day, of sunshine and cloud, which meant chilly temperatures in the wind, but really warm when in a sheltered position.

The wind was coming in straight off the sea, meaning the waves were much more impressive than this photo shows
We walked across the heath, with masses of heather flowering and down towards Dunwich village. We had hoped to walk back to the van along the cliff top, but most of the land appeared private with no public access. We could have gone along the beach, but it was deep shingle which would have made hard walking. Later we found out that there is a sand bar exposed on this section of beach that is good for walking, but only for a couple of hours either side of low tide - which was not while we were there today.

A sea of Heather

No I haven't shrunk
Back at the car park we visited the Trust’s cafe (is there any property they own now that doesn’t have a cafe?) and had spiced pumpkin scones. They were good, but in my opinion needed more of the ‘spice’ to make them memorable.
Talking of memorable food that takes me on nicely to lunch. We moved on from Dunwich and revisited Darsham Nurseries (see the post from Monday Oct 3rd). The main chefs are still away, but from today they have guest chefs in who specialise in lunches of organic flatbread tacos filled with seasonal and local products. I had roast aubergine and fried chick peas with tahini dressing, while Ruth went for slow cooked goat with kohl rabi. Puddings were salted chocolate mousse and goat yoghurt cake with plum compote. The whole lot was delicious.

We drove on from there to our campsite - Run Cottage - a small site that is part of the Premier Parks network. We’re here for the next three nights, hoping for a phone call soon to say the Sat Nav is ready for collection.

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