Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January 24th 2017: Moreton-in-Marsh: Day 4

Monty the Motorhome is back home after a short winter break.

Last night was another cold one. This morning I went to get some water and found all the outside taps frozen solid, even those protected by wooden cladding.

We stayed at Moreton this morning to attend the Tuesday market. This is a much hyped weekly event which is supposed to bring visitors in from far and wide.
Well we were mighty disappointed as there were only a small number of food stalls, along with a smattering of tat, shoes and cheap clothing. Perhaps it is more of an event in the summer months.
We ended up buying some decent looking sprouts and a couple of sausage rolls for lunch.

After a quick walk through we decided to have a coffee and found a small cafe that looked very inviting. Shortly after ordering the waiter apologised that the machine had been switched off overnight and would take a while to warm up. No problem for us, so we sat and waited. After about 20 minutes the waiter appeared again, looking flustered, saying it was still heating up and perhaps he could amuse us by doing a dance. We sort of smiled politely and murmured something about there being no need for that. But I think he had the look of a ballet dancer about him and was serious, so we may have missed out on a performance there!

The trip home was in glorious sunshine for most of the way, before hitting some lingering fog on the last few miles.

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