Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello and welcome to 'The Full Monty'

This blog is intended to be a record of our travels in a Murvi Morello Motorhome, which we have given the name of Monty.

We're not sure if that is the right name yet, as we have yet to meet and get to know Monty. That will be this time next week when we pick him up from Murviland (aka the Murvi works at Ivybridge, Devon). Monty should be sitting there right now getting a good fettling as he has only just come over from his Milan birthplace as a brand new Fiat Ducato.

This is an older brother (or sister?), taken from the Murvi website. Monty will be a suave and sophisticated metallic lake blue, and will be soooo photogenic.

So more of a proper update when we've finally got him adopted into the family.

Oh, and the fish ..............?
Well they are just there to keep you amused in case the blog gets a bit boring. They will follow your cursor and you can even feed them. You will have to work out how to do that though.

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