Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pick up and first trip - Day 1 (18th Sep 2013)

First day with Monty started early with a trip down to Murviland. We had a hire vehicle for a one way journey - an automatic, so a new driving experience.
The weather was ok until we got to Exeter, then the heavens opened and we had a real soaking. So it was a very wet hello to Monty, but he was there standing very proudly outside the showroom, preening his radiator grills to all the other Murvi’s around him.

We had a very comprehensive introduction to all the gizmos and gadgets he possesses, and promptly forgot half of it. However we have plenty of bedtime reading with all the manuals.

Waved goodbye to Murviland and hit the high road at about 2.30pm for the second new driving experience of the day; heading for the Caravan Club site at Modbury. We made it about 5 miles before realising we had missed our junction. Ten minutes into driving Monty and I have my first ‘senior’ moment! A quick stop on a roundabout (much to Ruth’s horror) and we had re-orientated. Luckily the site was only 30 mins away, unluckily it was down some narrow and dirty roads. We arrived unscathed, but with gleam taken off Monty’s shining new paintwork.

The rest of the day was taken up with pressing buttons and trying to stuff big things into little storage areas.

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