Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Malvern's, Day 2

Monty the motorhome is once more back on his home drive after a quick scamper up some hilly roads in the Malvern Hills.

Today dawned with wall to wall sunshine and we had a leisurely breakfast before packing up and heading for the hills.
In truth Monty did not have to work too hard, but it made us realise that going for the slightly more powerful engine (150 bhp compared to 130 bhp) had been a good move.

As the weather was so good, and we had taken our time, we just about got into the car park at Winds Point. Then it was up the steep bak to the Herefordshire Beacon and the British Camp. The last time we were up here it was bitterly cold, but today it was tee shirt weather, with temperatures in the low 20's.

The British Camp is an iron age hill fort with extensive earthworks in the form of concentric ditches, such that it has been compared to a giant wedding cake.

The wedding cake

We walked on and admired the view right out across the Severn valley, before getting back to Monty and finding him sandwiched in between other cars. We had to wait for adjacent vehicles to move before edging our way out. A lesson for the future about strategic parking.

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