Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Malvern's. Day 1, 5th Oct 2013

Monty the motorhome is parked at the Malvern Hills Caravan Club campsite. Once again the forecast is  for a sunny weekend, so we've ventured out for an overnight stay.

We came to this site years ago when we had a caravan, two energetic children and an even more energetic one year old dog. Looking around the site when we first arrived it was difficult to remember, and at first we thought our stay had been on the adjacent Camping & Caravanning Club site. However on looking around that site it was clear we had never been there, so it is settled - this is our second visit. It is unusual to have the two club's sharing the same site and I'm sure everyone goes round and checks them both out. Our verdict - Caravan Club site every time. The pitches are spread out much more and the whole site seems less cluttered than the other.

One reason for coming out again after our outing last week was to test the water pump. Following our problems last week I contacted Murvi HQ and was advised to completely fill the fresh water tank before trying the pump, as the whole system works on pressure. Last week I just had it half full. Anyway it worked, the pump gurgled into action after grumbling to itself for about 30 seconds. So hopefully that solves the problem, though I'm still not convinced one should have to fill the tank right full of water in order to get the pump working.

After settling in we had a little walk from the site. This followed a route from 'Walks in the Hanley's' - a small booklet on sale at the campsite. It has seven walks based around the villages of Hanley Swan and Hanley Castle.
As we left the site and walked along a short section of road a car came towards us tooting it's horn madly. As it went past we realised it was our next door neighbour! She was out with her daughter going somewhere.
Muttering about how peculiar that was we carried on. It was a pleasant walk, through fields and along lanes, with a stop half way at the village of Hanley Swan. We sat by the duckpond and watched a very tame heron for a while. The hedgerows were festooned with blackberries and I'm afraid our walks booklet is forever stained with the evidence.

That evening we decided to forgo the fish and chip van on the campsite and walk to Hanley Swan (along the road, not the route we had followed earlier in the day). We had just set out and I said to Ruth "Bet we see the neighbour's again", when literally seconds later ................. yes there there were again! This time they stopped briefly and explained they had been up the Malvern's for the afternoon. That gave us plenty of muttering material for the rest of the evening.

Dined at The Swan. Starters - baked camembert (underdone) and garlic mushrooms. Main - both had cod and chips, which were fine, but not outstanding. Cask Ale, but it was freezing cold - so thumbs down I'm afraid.
Walked back in the pitch dark - mental note to self - bring the head torch next time.

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