Monday, 9 December 2013

Minehead Day 2 (Sun Dec 8th)

Monty the motorhome is parked up on a side street in Minehead. He took one look at the charges for parking on the seafront and made a very rude noise with his air intake. However with just one turn off the promenade he has found a very comfy spot, and can still see the sea. Result.

Minehead is a town with two personalities. Look one way and it is very picturesque, however turn through 180 degrees and it is a different picture - amusement arcades and a massive Butlins. Still, it has its own charm and we enjoyed both sides.

One view

but turn around and this is on the other side of the bay

We didn't rush to get off the campsite, so it was late morning by the time we got down to the town. First off a stroll along to the old quay, then to the Quayside Tearooms. Lunch was soup and a sandwich - excellent quality and plenty of it. Plus they make their own jams from home grown produce - we came away with Redcurrant and Apple relish. The place gets a definite tick.

Then down onto the beach and a walk on the wild(er) side. Well that's one way to describe the immediate environment around Butlins. The incidence of youngsters with tattoos was definitely higher. However they all seemed in good spirits, so the sea air was having a positive influence on all.

The weather improved as the day went on and it was a shame to leave. The drive home was on one of those winter afternoons when the air is clear and the sunset has hues of a artists palette.

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