Saturday, 1 March 2014

London March 2014

Monty the motorhome is shivering slightly at the Crystal Palace Caravan Club site, as it looks like a cold night ahead.
Yes we're back on the road again for 2014. The wettest winter since records began, plus Ruth's workload has meant we haven't ventured forth since the beginning of December last year.

Today was a journey of two parts - the first an easy and straightforward drive down the M40 and 25, while the last 5 miles were spent in heavy slow moving traffic. However it was a triumph for the Sat Nav (we must give 'it' a name soon), as we rocked up successfully at James' student digs.

After doing the parent thing - presents of food, exclamations of horror at dirty washing piles - we subject Sat Nav to another test, which it passed with credit (not honours as it failed to recognise a 'no right' turn) and arrived at Crystal Palace.

It must be over 10 years since we have been at this site, and then it was with a caravan. The layout seems vaguely familiar, but the resident foxes that were a permanent fixture even during the daytime seemed to have gone.

James came along for the ride, so it was a chance to test out the alternative seat arrangement in Monty. Changing the layout was easy, as was fitting an extra seat belt. So no fears for that task in the future. He also needed feeding before leaving us for a pre-arranged evening with Becka and her family at the theatre. So another first - the new Remoska was tried out with a chicken and veg roast. We have used it at home a couple of times, but it was bought for the van. Our trial runs have been very successful, so it was an almost certain that it would be fine on the road. Now typing this post up with a full tummy and very happy with it.

Saw James off from Crystal Palace train station after a walk through the park to get there. I forget what this park was like the last time we were here, but now it is well maintained and has all sorts of attractions - lakes, maze, concert bowl, statues, dinosaurs to mention but a few. It is also adjacent the the National Sports Centre where major international athletics events take place, so I could boast (again) about the time I raced Seb Coe over 400 metres at this venue. Yes I lost and no it wasn't an international - just an inter university event.

This evening we are just kicking back and listening to music on the radio, just enjoying being in Monty again.

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