Monday, 3 March 2014

London March 2014 Day 3

Monty the motorhome is being very sociable, sandwiched in between a number of other motorhomes. However this is his last full day as it will be back home tomorrow.

Today was the big spring clean of James' room. He lives in student accommodation, which is gated and secure. So Ruth needed to stay there last night so she could let me in this morning - James having disappeared for a days worth of medical lectures.
I therefore had Monty to myself last night - quite a surreal experience. The temptation to slob it out was there, but I couldn't be bothered.

So up early this morning and a short bus ride, before joining up with Ruth. We then spent the day cleaning, washing and ironing. At least Ruth did; I assisted.

Job done

We met up with James when he had finished lectures for the day and had a curry at The Lahore Karahi Curryhouse in Tooting High St. This place features in a number of 'top curry houses in London' reviews. The lighting and layout is a bit garish and basic, but the food quality is top notch. The prices were budget (for London) coming in at £36 for starters, main course and two drinks for the three of us.

Then it was time for hugs and kisses goodbye. Ruth and I walked on to Tooting Bec, which was an experience in itself as the area was littered with ethnic shops of all descriptions, many of which were selling food or food related items. Our sort of place.

Caught the No 249 back to Crystal Palace and now warming our toes in Monty.

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