Monday, 24 March 2014

Murvi Club AGM March 2014 Day 1

Monty the Motorhome is feeling a little self conscious. He is parked up at the Camping & Caravanning Teversal site, Nottinghamshire, amongst over 40 other Murvi's! One is even a 2014 model - so he's starting to feel slightly old.

It is the AGM of The Murvi Club, our first 'meet' and a chance to get to know fellow enthusiasts. Unfortunately, due to Ruth's work commitments, we were unable to attend until today (Saturday) and found we were the last van to arrive. Some had been on site since Wednesday. We got set up with a bit of trepidation as just about everybody else has years of motor homing experience, but we needn't have worried as most people were out for the day and the site was very quiet.
We had a short walk out into the Silverhill Wood Country Park and up to the highest point in Nottinghamshire (204m). It is the site of an old coal mining colliery, which closed in the 1990's. Subsequently the spoil heaps were landscaped and planted up with mixed woodlands - so this highest county spot is actually man made. Shouldn't think that is the case in many of our other counties. Right at the top there is a statue of a miner, kneeling to examine a lamp and entitled 'testing for gas' - very evocative of a bye gone age.

So to the AGM. It was held in a Scout Hut, 10 minutes walk from the site. The place was packed. I don't think the organisers expected as many people to attend. The actual meeting was standard small society AGM stuff - properly done and with brevity. Which was all good because the highlight of the evening (well one of the highlights) was the communal supper. Each van supplied one meal.

Vegetable Tagine
Curried nut roast, mango chutney and salad leaves
Coronation Chicken * (us)
Carrot Cake
Lemon syllabub & almond biscuits
Chilli Con Carne & Rice
Sherry Trifle
Chorizo and Chick Pea Stew and Crusty Bread
Gammon ham and salad
Indonesian Chicken
Chili con Carne
Sausage rolls, pork pies & homemade cookies
Cheese Board and Biscuits
Olive, gruyere and ham 'cake'.
Hazelnut Meringue
Fruit salad
Date & Apple squares
Pie/Quich & Cheese and herb bread
Cheese platter & biscuits
Demerara Lemon Cake with Yoghurt
Spicy chick peas and Summer pudding
Veggie curry
Green salad
Hummus & Tabbouleh
Fruit Salad
Chocolate Cream Pie
Selection of interesting breads
Sausages from our local butcher

And there were were several more - sorry no images, we were just too busy filling our faces, while trying to retain some decorum as 'new members' should.
Of course the other highlight was meeting new people and listening to their tales of motor homing and murviing around Europe. It certainly inspired us to think what/where we can go in the next couple of years.

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