Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pembrokeshire May 2014 - Bakery and breeze

Monty the Motorhome is being buffeted by a gale at the Caravan Club campsite at Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire.

This is the start of a week in the area, with the first few days being spent at Freshwater. We travelled down during the morning, arriving at lunchtime. Which was just as well as we had provisions from a little bakery in Lamphey, a village only two miles from the site. One batch loaf that had been allowed to slowly ferment for four hours, Eccles cakes and Almond tarts. Delicious. If you come to this area visit this place - White's Golden Crust Bakery.

Suitably fortified with plenty of calories we wandered off round the sand dunes and into the village of Freshwater East. It stands on a steep bank overlooking a small bay that also bears the same name. Good to get the sea breeze in our hair, but it was quite a breeze as a storm was forecast to sweep in during the night.

Back at the van the Remoska was pressed into action with a very tasty sausage, bacon and cheese bake, accompanied by new potatoes and sweetcorn. 

Tonight was the Eurovision Song Contest, an event we have religiously watched every year for as long as I can remember, mostly to marvel in disbelief at how awful the songs/performers can be, allied with the most outrageous voting tactics by most of the countries. So as Monty is a TV free zone we listened to it on the radio - obviously a visual disappointment, but still the same audio fulfilment!

Could not get internet reception, so this post will go out late.

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