Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pembrokeshire May 2014 - Stacks of things to tell

Monty the Motorhome is still parked at Freshwater East and has spent the day basking in sunshine.

The predicted overnight gale never really materialised, though we were woken a couple of times by some quite fierce squalls. However the day dawned brightly and we spent a very leisurely morning on site as our planned activity for the day depended on bus trips, the first of which did not leave Freshwater until 1235pm.

We took the Coastal Cruiser to Elegug Stack Rocks, a location that is only open on certain days of the month as it is right in the middle of the MoD Castlemartin firing range. It is certainly a spectacular location with a number of stacks, arches and blow holes - all features fondly remembered from Geography classes years ago.

The Green Bridge of Wales - one of the 'sights' of the Pembrokeshire coast
Erosion of an arch results in 'stacks'
This is why the path is closed most of the time. Not sure exactly what it is, but certainly not for touching

We followed the coastal path along to St Govans Head, again a route that is closed most of the time. The area is named after St Govan, a 6th century monk who lived in a fissure of a rock on the shore and in the 14th century a chapel was built on the spot. It has obviously been renovated a number of times, but is still a dramatic sight wedged in the fissure.

The chapel from above - descend some 90 odd steps to get to it

The chapel from below, down by the sea

Continuing on the coast path it is only a short distance to Broad Haven - a totally unspoilt bay with a beach of pure, golden sand. We sat on the cliff top for a while watching the surfers, as there was a fair swell coming in, before walking up past Bosherton lily ponds (not at their best yet) to Bosherton village, before catching the Coastal Cruiser back to Freshwater.

Beautiful Broad Haven

Evening meal was chicken breasts roasted in the remoska, together with steamed vegetables. Once again the remoska is proving it’s worth as the results were just as good as any oven could produce.

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