Friday, 23 May 2014

Pembrokeshire May 2014: Homeward bound

Monty the Motorhome is safely parked up on his home drive feeling very sun tanned and relaxed after his week in Wales.

The good weather was forecast to end today, but once again we enjoyed plenty of sunshine.
We decided to break the journey home with a visit to Aberglasey Gardens near Llandeilo.

This garden was abandoned for almost 50 years before its restoration in one of the country’s most remarkable garden projects.
The garden contains sweeping shrub borders, currently with azalea in full bloom; a walled kitchen garden; a further walled garden with herbaceous borders; an Elizabethan cloister garden; woodland dells and a tea room.
Of course the latter figured strongly in our itinerary - lunch was parsnip soup for me, a garden salad platter for Ruth, followed by puddings of rhubarb tart and lemon sponge tart. That was to be our main meal of the day, so there were only little feelings of guilt.

The drive back was fairly uneventful, though metallic knocking noises from the rear of the van continue to worry us. We first experienced these on our Holland trip, though I have neglected to mention them in any postings so far. The noises occur when we go over particularly bad bumps in the road, which makes me think it is either suspension or spare wheel related. The spare looks secure, but I’ve yet to work out from the handbook how to tighten the cradle that holds it. - if indeed it needs tightening. The suspension - well that’s a job for the mechanics.
The noises are not too frequent, but I think a trip to the Fiat garage (under warranty) is on the cards.

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