Wednesday, 13 May 2015

13th May 2015: Cornwall: St Ives 2

Monty the Motorhome is bedding himself in, hoping for a long stay at Ayr Holiday Park. Little does he know that tomorrow we move on and he will be roughing it again on a wild camp.

After a leisurely breakfast we wandered into St Ives intending to visit The Tate Gallery. However on arriving we found the exhibitions were temporarily closed for re-hanging. Should have done our homework first. Anyway all was not lost as the cafe was open. Ruth had the soup - carrot and coriander, while I had the fish stew - mainly white fish, but topped with a tasty bit of red mullet. The cafe is on the top floor and we were fortunate to get a window table overlooking the bay. So lunch was spent watching the activities of two fishing boats, after the local mackerel.

Then on to do a bit of the coast path, which was covered in flowers. The scenery was reminiscent of our trip to Pembrokeshire last Spring - same flowers, same dramatic coastline.

Back in St Ives we sat above the beach of Portminster beach and enjoyed some late afternoon sunshine.

Tomorrow we move on for two nights of wild camping, though the actual locations are yet to be chosen. Internet reception may be limited, so posts may be late and will be uploaded whenever possible.

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