Sunday, 23 August 2015

August 23rd 2015: Norway: Mundal

Monty the Motorhome is sweltering in what could be our last really sunny day for a while. 
We’ve taken advantage of this and had the awning out, done some washing and got it all dry.

After a very lazy start to the day we walked down to the village of Mundal, which is also known as Norway’s Book Town. It is only a tiny settlement, but is dominated by second hand bookshops - just like Hay-on-Wye in the UK. Most of the books are in Norwegian, but there are sections of english language editions. We spent an hour or so delving about and ended up buying three fiction books to keep us going - mind they were not cheap, probably about £20 in total.

We had lunch at the Fjordstue Hotel, on a beautiful veranda overlooking the fjord. The food was delicious - we shared the two dishes available - chicken salad and minced lamb wrapped in puff pastry. With the sun blazing down and the sea like a millpond we couldn’t have wished for more.

We walked back to the van, passing fields where farmers were busy getting the last silage in before the weather breaks. We also are still seeing swallows and martins. Perhaps not surprising considering they were as far north as Bodø, but it is getting towards late August now, so they won’t be here long now.

By mid-afternoon we were back at the van. Time to settle down under the awning and start on the books.

Tomorrow we move on. This site and area has been the best so far on our trip. It is just so peaceful and the setting is perfect.

The village of Bøyum ……….

……. swivel through 180 degrees from the above photo to see this

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