Friday, 11 September 2015

September 9th 2015: Norway: Back home

Monty the Motorhome is back on his home drive having covered 4359 miles in the last 45 days.

Another long haul today, but at least we didn’t have an early start. The ferry back to England did not sail until 2.15pm and our overnight stop in Woerden was only one hour away from the port. We arrived just after midday, so plenty of time to spare. Even so the waiting area was just about full and cars after us were queuing on the road. Very unexpected at this time of year.

The sea crossing was calm and sunny with arrival at Harwich at 8.15pm. Then the long drive home in the dark. Eventually, after some divisions due to nighttime road works, we were back just after midnight.

In the next few weeks I’ll add some photos to the various posts where we had insufficient internet to put them on at the time. I’ll also do an overview of the whole trip once we’ve had chance to collect our thoughts and settle back into home life again. There is a sadness that it is over now - Rachael sent a message saying ‘Norway misses Monty’, but it also true that ‘ Monty misses Norway’. However home brings it’s own delights, so we’ll get on and enjoy those.

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