Saturday, 7 November 2015

November 7th 2015: Norfolk: Cromer

Monty the Motorhome is being buffeted by strong winds and has spent half the day being drenched by rain.

Consequently we huddled inside till after lunch, messing about on the internet and watching a film. Regarding the latter we experienced our first problem with the hard drive that the children gave me as a retirement present. Up to now it has behaved faultlessly; but today we got half way through our film of choice (21) and it suddenly stopped. To be fair the recording was at fault - it was only just over an hour long. So the hard drive continues to enjoy a clean bill of health - it’s just the occasional content that might be suspect.

Lunch was courtesy of yesterday’s deli visit - rosemary infused ham, coriander and cumin hummus with seeded bread - all pretty scrumy. Then it was time to venture out, as the rain had stopped.
We walked into Cromer, to be met with a sudden renewal of gusty rain. The town has a renowned Victorian pier, which we braved in soaking conditions. However almost as soon as we got back to terra firma the rain stopped and the sun came breaking through the clouds. We walked along the shoreline, which is thick with colourful cobbles, and then up into the the town itself. The local delicacy - Cromer crab - was on sale at a number of outlets; Ruth was not too bothered as she has an allergy to the things, but I was quite tempted as they did look delicious. However my penny-pinching instincts won over and no contribution was made to the local economy.

The pier with a Lifeboat station at the end. In the foreground a lot of construction work is underway to build up the sea defences. Cromer is very vulnerable to North Sea surges.
Wet and windy on the pier
A colourful sight from the pier
On the way back the sun had come out. The theatre at the end of the pier was in the spotlight.

Back at the van it will be another chicken supper tonight, before making plans for tomorrow when we move on again.

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