Sunday, 15 May 2016

May 15th 2016: Gower: Rhossili

Monty the Motorhome is back to living in splendid isolation, well not quite isolation - there are several vans and a few tents left now the weekend is over.

Another sunny day after a bit of a nippy night. It was cold enough in the van for a bit of background heat during the night, just to take the chill off the air.

Initial plans were to get the Sunday paper and spend the morning lazing about before lunching at Eddy’s. However the weather was just too good, so by mid morning we were tramping up the hillside to the top of Rhossili Downs, which runs along parallel to the beach for about 1.5 miles before dropping down to the village of Rhossili. The views out across the bay were tremendous and we could even make out Lundy in the far distance.

Rhossili village in the foreground, with The Worms Head beyond

Down in Rhossili village it was packed. No hope of getting lunch at the pub - the queue at the bar was six deep and all the tables taken. However just up the road was The Bay Bistro where for some reason (lack of alcoholic beverages?) it was quieter. Two special hamburgers kept us busy for a while, served with some very tasty chips.
Then a walk back on the grassy shelf just above the beach - a sort of raised beach.

The classic view of Rhossili beach, from Rhossili village. Our route back was along the track above the beach

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