Saturday, 14 May 2016

May 14th 2016: Gower: A walk round Burry Holms Head

Monty the Motorhome is surrounded by other vans and tents as Hillend campsite has been transformed from a quiet weekday spot to an extremely busy weekend venue.

The day dawned fairly cloudy and cool so we lounged about for the morning checking out the on site cafe (Eddy’s) for a couple of flat white’s.

After an early snack type lunch we went back down the beach to Burry Holms, then followed the coastal path round to Broughton, before returning on the same route we had done yesterday. A good walk in sunshine, but the breeze was slightly on the cool side.

 Once back at the van the plan was a quick shower, then to Eddy’s for evening meal. Part 1 went well and we bowled up outside Eddy’s clean and fresh. However the place was shut. At 5.00pm on a Saturday with a full campsite! Luckily we have provisions, so it was bulgur wheat with mushrooms and cheese.

So not much news today, but we enjoyed some glorious sea views

Rhossili beach from the dunes above Burry Holms

Broughton beach

Worms Head

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