Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lazy summer day: Chertsey June 2014

Monty the Motorhome has deployed his awning for the very first time. Well we have had it out on the drive, just to check everything was ok; but today was a lazy sunny summer day, spent mainly on the site, catching up with James’ news and having a long leisurely lunch together with his girlfriend, so out came the Fiamma F65s.

So how did James fare sleeping in the van. Monty is only two berth, so he had to squeeze in on the floor. At least there was the luxury of a blow up camping mat, but it was all a bit tight. I think James was worried one of us would pile out during the night to answer the call of nature (at our ages this is all too common) and flatten him. Needless to say he remained in one piece.

The day was forecast to be a scorcher and so it turned out to be. The F65s cranked out nicely and provided that bit of shade that was so gratifying as the day wore on. 

We had booked for lunch at The Kingfisher - just across the river bridge from the site, but couldn’t get a table till 3.00pm, and that was booking three weeks ago. It’s easy to see why the place is so popular - location, location, location. Right on the banks of the Thames, overlooking the bridge and Chertsey Lock. However the food was not so brilliant. Vegetables that were obviously from frozen sources and not cooked all that well, together with fairly run of the mill meats. However the London Pride beer was great. It certainly brought back happy memories of my late teens when I lived in the South East.

The Kingfisher - home of good ale, but not so good food

We took our time over lunch and then sauntered back to the site for an hour or so. Everyone then departed, leaving me on my own, looking after Monty. Ruth has gone with James back to his digs and I’ll join them tomorrow to help out with some domesticy type jobs.

In the meanwhile it is a beautiful evening to sit out with my book. Or should I sneak over the bridge for another dose of Pride .............?

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