Monday, 13 April 2015

April 13th 2015: Rutland Water: Pedal power

Monty the Motorhome is looking out over Rutland Water from a stupendous viewpoint at Lyndon Top campsite.
We decided to move from last night's pitch, even though our original plan was to spend two nights there. The move was made for two reasons - firstly that cockerel mentioned in the last post - yes I know it was a working farm, but perhaps the chickens could have been housed somewhere else - he woke up really early and set about telling the world that he was king of the roost - loudly. Secondly, the cost. The site is only a Certified Location, so basic facilities; however a sum of £18 was charged, which seemed a bit steep to us.

Last night's site - see the proximity to the chicken pen. Mr Rooster is there eyeing Monty up
 So it was an easy decision to make, and one made easier by the fact we had discovered Lyndon Top yesterday evening. It is only a short distance away, but the outlook is amazing. The price isn't bad either - £7.  Okay no showers, toilets or electric, but we have these on board. Plus the warden, Arthur, seemed a really welcoming chap - introducing himself to us and shaking my hand. Small touches, but they make all the difference.

Tonight's site. A bit of a difference to that above. Lack of Mr Rooster for one!
The day has been a sunny one we are relaxing after spending some time in the saddle. As planned we  hired an electric bike for Ruth from the 'Giant Cycle store' at Edith Weston. There is a huge car park adjacent to the centre and it right on the shoreside cycle path
We decided to play safe and only hire it for 2 hours, which proved to be the right decision. Ruth has not been on a bike since France last year, and that was the first time in many years. So saddle soreness soon kicked in and a period longer than 2 hours would have been too painful.
However it was decent cycling on a path that was smooth tarmac for much of the way - so ignore comments I made yesterday about how rough it is, I must have done the hardest bit then. The e-bike made a difference as well. I had a little ride and found the assisted power to really help on the uphill sections - though I did miss getting up out of the saddle and pumping away like mad - part posing, part endomorphic.

Not quite Victoria Pendleton and Chris Froome
Evening meal tonight will be a fairly basic mix of potatoes, baked beans and corned beef.

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