Wednesday, 29 July 2015

July 28th 2015: Norway: Into Germany

Monty the Motorhome is sitting in a big puddle on a Stellplatz in Hamburg. The bad weather forecast for today was frighteningly accurate and there have been a number of torrential downpours during the day.

Our overnight ferry also hit some challenging seas as I woke several times to the feeling of being lurched about in my bunk. That added to a peculiar burning smell coming from the cabin heating system did not make for a peaceful night. However this morning all tired thoughts were banished as the roadtrip entered continental Europe.
Monty’s Sat Nav played a blinder during the course of the day by successfully guiding us across Holland and up through Germany to an overnight halt at Stellplatz Tante Henni, in the northern suburbs of Hamburg.
There is nothing remarkable about the site - it is just a convenient half way halt between the Hook of Holland and Hirtshals, our departure port for Norway. So 562 kms done today, with just over 500 to come tomorrow. 

Our wet and muddy site in Germany

Note: Published on July 29th as Germany is not on the list of compatible countries with our internet provider (Three) - which is rubbish in my opinion.

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