Saturday, 29 August 2015

August 29th 2015: Norway: Bergen 2

Monty the Motorhome is getting rather wet as he spends his second full day at the Bergenshallen aire.

Since arriving in Bergen we have experienced showery weather, with some very heavy downpours. We’ve even borrowed some umbrellas from Rachael, which have helped tremendously. 

We went to the boat for breakfast this morning. Rachael cooked up some waffles, which were eaten Norwegian style - smeared with sour cream, jam and sweet brown cheese.
We looked at the photos of her and Ivar’s recent boat trip - some lovely seascapes. Then we left her to it - busy preparing for next week’s Summer School (something akin to a conference for post-graduates).

With unpredictable weather we returned to Monty for a relaxing afternoon with the books, plus a bit of planning for next week. However there was a bit of drama when Ruth spotted a leak during a downpour. It was coming in through one of the back doors, and at quite a rate! We quickly got a saucepan underneath and investigated further when the rain abated. However I cannot see anything obvious, so have daubed a bit of silicon grease on the seals and now hope for the best. 

Rachael came over for tea and it was nice to spend the evening just chatting.

Parked up at the Bergenshallen

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