Wednesday, 2 September 2015

September 2nd 2015: Norway: Bratland Camping

Monty the Motorhome is pleased to be standing in the sunshine again at Bratland Camping, just outside Bergen.

Today is Wednesday and Rachael is away on a course until late Friday, so we have a couple of days to spend before we can meet up again. Our original plan was to spend more time on the islands of Ask√ły and Sotra, but we have struggled to find things to do.

So we’ve decided to return to Bergen - there is still plenty of things to keep us occupied here. On the way through we decided to call in at the Bergenshallen, just to see if it really did close on September 1st. It was just about full.
We almost stayed, but the call of hot showers and proper laundry facilities drew us on to Bratland Camping. Situated outside the city it is an a bus route in, however we just wanted to stay put today. Shortly after arriving the sun came out and it turned into a lovely day. Ruth had a sit in the sun while I walked the 3km ‘Rund Tur’. It was really steep, boggy and muddy. I loved it. Great views and a chance to release a few endorphins.

Now we’re clean again, both in body and clothes. 

Tomorrow we’ll look in again at the Bergenshallen, with the plan of staying there till we leave Norway. There may not be room, or it may be in the process of closing. Who knows.

Bratland Camping

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