Thursday, 10 September 2015

September 7th 2015: Norway: Neumünster

Monty the Motorhome is parked at the Neumünster Stellplatz in Northern Germany.

Our day started early with a buffet breakfast on board the overnight ferry. The food was good quality, apart from the bacon which looked (and tasted) as though it had been fried for several hours.

Suitably fortified we departed the ferry at 8.00am to begin the long drive south. Not much to comment on, except to say the weather was clear and sunny. We met a Welsh couple on a motorcycle at one of our rest stops, who had been on the same ferry as us. They had travelled from Wales a week ago, then spent five days in Norway, going as far as the Atlantic Road. Now they were returning home - talk about a whistle stop tour ..!

Neumünster is a small town to the north of Hamburg, and we’d found details on the internet of a Stellplatz there. Arriving just before 3.00pm we found a dedicated area for motorhomes adjacent to the town’s swimming pool. Payment of €10 was made at the pool’s reception and we were set for the night. The site is on the outskirts of the town, so we decided to get some exercise after sitting down for the last seven hours and walk into the centre.
Half an hour later we wondered if the place had any centre, then suddenly came upon it to find a large square, with little narrow streets leading off in various directions. Many people were bustling about and the place had a good feel to it. We bought some bits for tea (marinated pork steaks with veg, plus a couple of naughty cream cakes) then wandered back.

Another long drive tomorrow, so early night again. 

Note: Posted on Thursday September 10th as no internet anywhere on the way home

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